David Sloan
On The Hook TV

What’s a fishing charter if you don’t catch fish? I’ll tell you what it is, quite simply, it’s a boat ride, and these days an expensive one at that. If you’re looking for a boat ride, look someplace else, possibly one of the many ferry or sightseeing boats might be your speed.

However, if you want an awesome day of fishing, you’re in the right place.

In my years of fishing and filming my TV show On The Hook TV, I’ve had the privilege of fishing with many knowledgeable fishermen, woman and charter captains. Many times I’ve fun fished with some of the best fishermen around and the information I’ve learned from them is immense. When I’m looking to film a great show and find myself in the bottom of the ninth, down a run, with two outs, two strikes and need a homerun, I look no other place than to Boston Sportfishing and Captain Chuck Distefano. He’s a home run hitter for sure.

Trust me, If I can turn to Capt. Chuck like I’ve done so many times before for a great show, that should speak volumes to the value of his charter business. In other words, Chucks the man and will put you on fish, plain and simple. His businesses catch phrase is “we don’t fish, we catch” and ya know what, it’s the simple truth. I’ll continue to fish and film shows with Capt. Chuck, and son Skip and if you want great fishing, then so should you.

Have fun, you’re in for a fight, a fish fight, with Boston Sportfishing! Bring a camera and a cooler!

Scott Salyers

Hello Captain Chuck,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for showing us, the crew at Sport Fishing Magazine a great fishing trip. It was truly pleasure fishing with someone of your skill and knowledge. I’ve fished in many locations domestically and internationally and I have to tell you that this trip will live forever in my memory as you put me on my first bluefin tuna. Best of all you had incorporated techniques that I’m very familiar with in the form of kite fishing. We of course use kites down in my neck of the woods sailfishing, but the result isn’t quite the same. What a blast it is to see that sudden impact of a big tuna at the surface! Seeing that bite was incredible, I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to do it again! I look forward to fishing with you again up in your backyard or mine.

Thanks again!

Dave Morel
Salt Water Sportsman

“As publisher of the world’s largest saltwater fishing magazine, I am lucky to have the privilege of fishing all over the country with editors, industry friends and with clients. We usually fish on guides’ boats or charter boats and I have been able to fish with some of the best captains on the water. I can honestly say, I have never experienced a captain that consistently puts us on fish, from tuna to stripers to bottom fish, regardless of the conditions, as much as Captain Chuck DiStefano does! Captain chuck is the closest thing I’ve seen to a sure thing when it comes to catching fish”

George Poveromo - Renowned saltwater angler and host of George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing on ESPN2 / Versus.

"Chuck Distefano is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to catching quality fish in New England waters. I've worked with him before at our Salt Water Sportsman National Seminar Series, and his cutting-edge tactics for catching everything from flounder to huge bluefin tuna always impress me."

Doug Olander
Editor in Chief
Sport Fishing magazine

Hey, Chuck — The boat may not have been the prettiest, the ride out to the bank wasn’t the fastest, and the dock location not exactly upscale. But the fishing couldn’t have been better. We slammed the big bluefin and you made it seem easy. I’m sure that’s not true for plenty of skippers out there (but then they probably didn’t get up at 2 a.m. to net big fresh live bunker). Thanks for some outstanding bluefin action! Hope to join you again.