Do I need a Saltwater Fishing License? No, The license we obtain as a charter boat operator covers all of our passengers on any given day. You do need a license to fish from shore or on your own boat


How many people are allowed on a charter? - Our charters are called 6 pack charters by the US Coast Guard. Our license allows us to take up to 6 paying passengers.


Do I need to bring any fishing gear or bait? - No, we provide the very highest quality fishing gear and catch the freshest bait available.


How should I dress for the weather? - Weather on the water is often different and cooler than the onshore forecast. Be prepared with layers and be sure to have windproof and waterproof gear and shoes. A good rule to follow is to be prepared for conditions 20 degrees cooler than the forecast.


Where do we leave from, How early should we get there? - Please see our directions link for directions to each of out boats. Plan to arrive 30 minutes before the boat is scheduled to leave the dock.


Do you provide food and drinks? - Customer's are requested to bring their own food and drink. We can help you load your cooler(s) when you arrive for your charter. We always say, bring your lunch and we’ll send you home with dinner.


Can I keep my fish? - Yes, It is customary for the customers to take their fish and divide them up among their party.


Do you clean my fish? - Yes, One of the Captain's and/or Mate’s responsibilities is cleaning, filleting and icing down your catch. The typical tip for the mate’s service is 20% of the fare.


What are the Season and Bag Limits for our catch? - Saltwater species season and bag limits are subject to change, occasionally mid-season. For current regulations visit Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game.


What happens if the weather is bad? - It is the captain's choice concerning the weather. Please show up for your trip even if you are sure that your trip will be canceled. Often the weather is much different offshore then it is at the dock. If the captain determines it necessary to cancel your trip, you will be notified and we can discuss when to reschedule your charter.


Where can we stay while we are in Boston? - There are several different discounted accommodations available for our charter customers. From Downtown Boston high end to cheapest / closest available, we can help you pick your ideal accommodations.


Is there a head? - Yes, All boats have a head.