Bluefin Tuna

Boston Sportfishing  - Bluefin Tuna June through October

For the adventure of a life time why not try you luck on the ultimate game fish, the Bluefin Tuna. Shaped like a bullet and reaching weights of over a thousand pounds these fish are the premiere game fish in the north Atlantic.

Our Tuna fishing is done mainly on Stellwagen Bank a marine sanctuary with an incredible population of whales, dolphins and other marine life. Both the SKIP A DORY and the LINDA ROSE are equipped to take you offshore for a day to remember. We generally target school tuna in the 80 – 200 lb. range by trolling, jigging or live bait fishing.

These amazing fish will test your strength and stamina while providing you with a memory of a lifetime and many mouth watering meals. The prized meat of a Boston Bluefin (as it is called in Japan) is one of the most expensive sushi in the world.

Tuna Fishing, average 8-9 hours: $1500

Tuna and Groundfish Combo Marathon, 10-12 hours: $1750
Prices are for up to six people.
Gratuity not included.

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